How it works

When you log into the app you will see a satellite image of your location

You can see NDVI and NDWI for your location

You can then take a picture of clear soil and upload it, or upload a picture you had previously taken

Based on satellite data and your digital photo, the app will return an assessment of soil properties


VirtuaCrop calculates two sets of indicators:

  1. Indicators based on satellite information for the nearest date available in the surroundings of the GPS coordinates of the phone of the user, namely:
    NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) - an index that indicates the density of green on an area of land, and is therefore a proxy for amount of live green biomass.
    NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index) - an index that indicates water presence or moisture in biomass.

  2. Indicators based on a combination of satellite data and information drawn from the digital photo uploaded by the user, which are the indicators typically found in soil analysis reports, namely:
    Soil organic matter (%), indicating the percentage of the soil (in mass) that is organic, and estimating an amount equivalent to that which would be obtained using dry combustion with an elemental analyser to obtain the total carbon content of the soil in the first 20cm, converted into organic matter using a factor of 1/0.58.
    Total nitrogen content (g/kg), indicating the concentrations of ammonium-N, nitrate-N, nitrite-N and organic N present in the first 20cm of soil.
    Extractable phosphorus content (mg/kg), indicating the amount of phosphorus soluble in a sodium bicarbonate solution valid for the first 20cm of soil.
    Extractable potassium content (mg/kg), indicating the amount of potassium in the first 20cm of soil.
    pH, a measure of how acidic/basic soil water is.
    Texture, classified by the fractions of each soil component (sand, silt, and clay) present in topsoil, considering 9 classes.

VirtuaCrop is based on several machine learning algorithms trained with real data. If you want to know more about the accuracy of the models used and how precise they are for each indicator displayed, you can download our technical report.

Watch our presentation video for the app

The following 3-minute video introduces the app and what it can do