An app for sustainable precision farming that turns phones into data gathering and analysis tools

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Digital photography for farming

VirtuaCrop is a tool that enables farmers to use their phones to take photos of their soil and get an automatic soil analysis report. There are no sensors and no need for external services - all it takes is a phone with a camera!

Winner of the 2022 EUSPA "myEUspace" competition

VirtuaCrop won the myEUspace 2022 competition, organized by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme for developing the best solutions leveraging EU space data. The app was submitted as an idea in the "Farming by Satellite" category.

We developed an Android beta version of VirtuaCrop. We are looking for farmers and farmer advisors interested in becoming beta testers of the app. If you would like to receive a version of our prototype and send us your feedback, please subscribe below.

Watch our VirtuaCrop tutorial

Watch our 3-minute tutorial and tell us what you think about VirtuaCrop