Our vision for the future

Model for VirtuaCrop 2.0, displaying indicators for plants and soil based on automated detection

What you can expect from us

The development of VirtuaCrop will go through two stages. 

Stage 1 is the development of the prototype app, which will take place until April 29, 2022. The prototype will have all the features indicated in the website's homepage.

Stage 2 will start after April 29, 2022, and will be development of the final product. We envision VirtuaCrop as an integrated soil-plant tool for cropland monitoring and management that relies only on phones and digital photography. Besides the features included in the prototype for soils, we will expand the tool to enable automated classification of photos into soils and plants and add indicators for crops (biomass, height, leaf-area-index). Over time, we plan to use augmented reality to display results in real time as the phone camera is pointed at the farm so that the farmer does not even have to take a photo in order to see the indicators. We also plan to use the indicators calculated to provide real-time advice to farmers regarding fertilization or irrigation operations. The advice can be fine-tuned and tailored for each plot of land, as surveying every squared metre of the farm has the same cost, is easy and can be done simply over the phone.

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